Second Night at Dièse Onze

Exciting News: A Fresh Musical Venture

Rémi Bolduc at Upstairs with the Jim Doxas Quartet

Sharing the Stage: A Night of Unforgettable Jazz with Moncef Genoud

Rémi Bolduc and Jerry Bergonzi at the FIJM – Reviewed by Downbeat

Delve Deeper into ‘Les Esprits Oubliés’: Detailed Compositions and Arrangements Now Available

Hello everyone! ? I’ve got some news I wanted to share with you. Recently, I’ve been putting together a compilation book of all the compositions and arrangements from my latest record, “Les Esprits Oubliés”. The book includes lead sheets and the specific arrangements I wrote for Alto, Tenor, and even the Bass parts. These are […]

Exceptional Review from LA Jazz Scene’s Scott Yanow

I am immensely honored and thrilled to share an insightful review from the distinguished Scott Yanow, featured in the LA Jazz Scene, for my latest CD, ‘Les Esprits Oubliés.’ Yanow paints an evocative picture of my music, describing me as a “virtuoso with an individual sound of his own and an adventurous style full of […]

Two New Additions to the Store : The Diminished Scale and The Jazz Saxophonist: Techniques and Studies for All Saxophones

I’ve recently added two books to the store. The first is dedicated to diminished scales, exploring the scale and the various ways of approaching it, ranging from triads to four-note tetratonic scales, five-note pentatonic scales, and hexatonic scales. It explores the different possibilities and ways of practicing them to discover variations. The second book added […]

My Complete Guide to Voice Leading Techniques

I am thrilled to introduce to you a unique document: “Voice Leading Techniques for Improvisation.” This work, a product of my three decades of teaching at McGill University, offers a thorough exploration of various aspects of harmonic theory. This 11-chapter book covers a wide array of topics, including different voice movements, from sevenths to thirteenths, […]

Discover Jazz Transcriptions on My YouTube Channel !

Hey fellow jazz enthusiasts, I wanted to share something with you that I’ve been working on: transcribing some of the best solos in jazz history on my YouTube channel. If you’re interested in the brilliant improvisations of Charlie Parker, you might find the collection worthwhile. I’ve spent countless hours transcribing more than 500 of Parker’s […]

Welcome to my newly designed website!

A big shout-out and thank you to Lucie Frigault, the mastermind behind this fantastic design. This space is dedicated to keeping you updated on my upcoming shows and offering a peek into my world of music. I’m thrilled at the prospect of sharing my passion for music with you all. Keep coming back for insights, […]

Rémi Bolduc, saxophoniste de la constance

Alto saxophonist Rémi Bolduc has always been appreciated for his concern for consistency. “De-que-cé de la constance de quoi, par rapport à quoi?” asked old La Palice, troublemaker in chief. With him or in him, it’s up to you, consistency has always been combined with exacting standards. In terms of himself, his art and, of […]

Remi Bolduc, on the allure of Oscar Peterson’s compositions

The ever-busy Montreal musician and professor pays tribute to Oscar Peterson with his new album and upcoming concerts. by Peter Hum – Ottawa Citizen Published Mar 06, 2017 Today the blog catches up on Montreal saxophonist Remi Bolduc, who as is typically the case has multiple projects on the go, even as he passes along […]

On Peterson’s Shoulders: The Remi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble

A year after their last concert at Salle Bourgie, the Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble brought us their own arrangements of compositions by the famous Montreal pianist Oscar Peterson. Far from a simple imitation, Rémi Bolduc and his saxophone, accompanied this time by Fraser Hollins on double bass, Dave Laing on drums and guest pianist Taurey […]

Rémi Bolduc the fighter

We like Rémi Bolduc. We like him because he’s a fighter, a worker, a man of projectS with a capital S, an active man, a man who moves forward steadfastly, who doesn’t let himself be discouraged by the amount of adversity inherent in the world of jazz. We like Rémi Bolduc because he composes, he […]

Remi Bolduc: 4 + 1 With Jerry Bergonzi

Alto saxophonist Remi Bolduc, a professional musician since the age of fifteen, is rather well known in his native Canada, where he has worked with bandleader Vic Vogel, pianists Oliver Jones and Lorraine Desmarais, the late drummer Bernard Primeau and guitarist René Lussier. He has also played gigs with Americans such as bassist Marc Johnson, […]

Remi Bolduc: Cote D’Ecoute

Source material can, on the surface, come from the strangest of places. In addition to seemingly endless reworkings of the Great American Songbook, contemporary jazzers are now looking farther afield, with artists like the Bad Plus bringing an improvisational approach to material by groups like Blondie and Black Sabbath. Brad Mehldau has been mining the […]