My Complete Guide to Voice Leading Techniques

I am thrilled to introduce to you a unique document: “Voice Leading Techniques for Improvisation.” This work, a product of my three decades of teaching at McGill University, offers a thorough exploration of various aspects of harmonic theory.

This 11-chapter book covers a wide array of topics, including different voice movements, from sevenths to thirteenths, through thirds and ninths. A particular focus is given to chords: whether they are diminished, dominant, altered, or 13b9. I also elaborate on methods of substitutions and essential arpeggios for dominant chords.

In addition to these fundamental aspects, the document dissects the concept of slash chords and my concept of tritone substitutions applied to all chords. Moreover, I present various notions and techniques that I have developed over my career, providing a unique perspective on the art of musical improvisation.

This publication is now accessible to all via our online store. It is designed for all musicians in search of tools to refine their approach to improvisation, whether they are beginners or experienced. My hope is that it will assist you in developing a musical approach that is uniquely your own, thereby enriching your creative process and your experience of improvisation.

Discover it now and enhance your musical skills with this comprehensive guide.